kiss masksKiss can count on celebrity fans the world over but the majority only latched on to the band when they became household names on the 70s rock circuit.

Here at rushonrock we tracked down one famous face from the late 80s who actually witnessed the band beofre they made it big – an immediately liked what he saw. House Of Lords frontman James Christian was urged to see the band in the early 70s and admitted: “I’d never heard of these guys but I was told I had to go and watch them.

“At the time I was managed by a guy who ran the King Biscuit Flower Hour – a BBC America show which was a big hit on US TV. Every week they featured different bands and one week the guy said to me that I simply had to see this one band.

“He told me they’d just come out and they were called Kiss. It was in their early days when they still didn’t have an obvious direction but they were determined. I always say that I was lucky enough to see Kiss when they were still hungry. And I mean hungry.

“Along with a Jethro Tull concert I saw and a Led Zeppelin gig it will always go down as one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Right from that point you knew Kiss could be huge – given the chance.”