winger1bookAs revealed on rushonrock last month, legendary US hair metal heroes Winger will be playing a full UK tour next spring – calling at 11 towns and cities in support of this month’s new album.

And on that subject we just can’t get enough of killer disc Karma as the band relive the early 90s glory days with a heady mix of steaming hard rockers and perfectly produced power ballads.

Frontman Kip Winger has rarely sounded so good and with long-term collaborator and Whitesnake man Reb Beach back in the fold there are the soaring riffs to match the classy vocals.

“I think it’s a bit more uptempo than a lot of our early stuff,” Kip told wingerposterrushonrock. “A lot of the songs from the first couple of records don’t translate that well to the live arena because they’re just too slow.

“I suppose what we were really trying to do was create something that was a cross between the first record and Pull. One key thing with Karma is that we really wanted it to rock.

“We all know what we do best now and we all know how we can bring our talents to the table. Each guy knows his role inside out and we do the whole recording thing pretty painlessly.

“I just hope Karma reflects the best thing about being in Winger – and that’s the fact that we all just love hanging out with each other!”