House Of Lords released some of the most memorable hair metal records in history as their ear for a melodic hook and emotive lyric kicked the opposition into touch.

Now a fixture on Italian label Frontiers, the US band sound better than ever with frontman James Christian still a singer at the top of his game.

As Hair Metal Heroes go he’s one of the biggest and the best – read on to discover the songs and the gigs behind Mr Robin Beck.

Hair Metal Gold: For me one of the records which provided a defining moment for melodic rock was Whitesnake’s 1987. It was just chock full of great songs and very few albums before or since can boast as many great tunes. But I also loved the Journey records of the time and anything Mutt Lange did with Def Leppard.

My Classsic Cuts: I’ve got a few House Of Lords songs which I really love. Remember My Name is one of those and I like Edge Of Your Life.

The Big Gig: I saw Jethro Tull which was interesting and when I was much, much younger I got invited to see this new band from New York called Kiss. It was in their very early days and it was incredible.

House Of Lords Live And Dangerous: We did a concert in Berlin with Ozzy Osbourne in front of 30,000 people which was something special. We played with Scorpions, Ozzy and Cheap Trick in the same year but it was that Ozzy show which stayed with me.