Elliot Minor smallElliott Minor look to maintain their incredible rise to the top of the rock tree next month with the release of their new single and the band’s hotly anticipated second album.

Electric High hits stores on October 5 with long player Solaris set to follow two weeks later. And the Minor boys head out on a 22-date UK headline tour in November with the latter part of 2009 looking like adding another thrilling chapter to this British success story.

And if you’re still none the wiser about one of the nation’s hottest prospects check out the band’s live set from Abbey Road which we’re running all this week.

Frontman Alex Davies said: “I had heard about the pressures of a second album on the songwriter and I can assure you it is true. You have all your life to write your first album and months to write your second.

“Fortunately I had a load of melodies running around my head and lyric ideas that pulled from the changes in my life over the years that Elliot Minor was formed until now. 

“The majority of the songs are uplifting as I was being positive in a pretty tough year to work through and the others are more personal and intimate.”

Check out the band at Abbey Road right here as they run through the following songs:  Still Figuring Out, Jessica, Time After Time, Luck Star, Parallel Worlds, Liar Is You.