Quireboys 2011The Quireboys have just been announced as the opening act for Festival Stage headliners Rush at this year’s Sweden Rock.

But before then the band will wrap up the recording of their new studio album – the first since 2008’s critically acclaimed Homewreckers & Heartbreakers.

RUSHONROCK editor Simon Rushworth caught up with guitarist Paul Guerin at the studio of super producer Chris Tsangarides for an exclusive update.








rushonrock: What’s been the vibe in the studio?

Paul Guerin: Of all the years I’ve been recording – with the Quireboys and my other bands – this is the most relaxed production situation I’ve been in.

rushonrock: As revealed exclusively on RUSHONROCK you’re recording with the legendary Chris Tsangarides at his studio on the south coast – has it been a good experience so far?

PG: I didn’t know Chris personally before these sessions but of course I knew of him and all the fantastic work he’s done in the past. Well, I thought I knew his body of work! But we were listening to Radio Two the other day and it seemed like every other song he’d pipe up and say he’d played his part in this and that. But more importantly he’s a thoroughly nice chap. And he cooks us tea.

rushonrock: What’s completed so far then?

PG: We just laid the down the 12th song on Wednesday and now we’re on the road with Saxon for a few UK dates. Technology these days is so great that we’d been able to make a good start on things on the road. Me, Griff [Guy Griffin, guitars] and Keith [Weir, keyboards] came in and finished them off and Spike’s been adding his vocals.

rushonrock: What’s the approach been to recording the songs this time around?

PG: Half the time it’s just felt like I’ve been jamming with my mates but Chris is so good at getting the right sounds at the right times that the finished songs sound awesome. He has all this retro equipment – stuff like all the old mics that The Faces used back in the day – and he tailors it to the traditional Quireboys sound.

rushonrock: And we hear you’ve finally watched the Anvil film starring Chris…

PG: I’d never watched the Anvil DVD and so to be able to watch it at Chris’s place – where so many of the key scenes were filmed – was extra special. Those guys – I could have wept for them.

rushonrock: So are you almost done and dusted?

PG: After we finish the Saxon tour we have another five days inked in with Chris and that’s that. We have to get in finished in that time but this record’s been in the planning for so long it’s been refreshing to get into the studio and record so much of it in one take. We haven’t had any other option but it suits our sound and the music we make.

rushonrock: Is it really that efficient?

PG: There’s a song called Crying Out Loud that Griff had written and I’d never heard it until we got into the studio. But I played my parts, learnt the solo and did it in one take. It’s great to be able to do that as a musician. It feels right. To my ears, at least, it sounds pretty good.

rushonrock: You’re the final band added to this year’s Sweden Rock bill and you haven’t got a bad spot…

PG: We’re so excited to be opening up for Rush on the Festival Stage at Sweden Rock this year. There are only two bands on that stage that day – ourselves and Rush! We’re playing an acoustic set and we’re the last band announced for this year’s festival. It’s going to be great and everyone knows what a fantastic festival Sweden Rock is.