cinderellaCinderella – Heartbreak Station (Keifer) b/w Sick For The Cure (Keifer) 1990

They might have named themselves after a Disney princess but there was nothing childish about Cinderella’s classy blues rock output in the late 80s and early 90s.

Dismissed by many as just another second rate US hair metal band, Tom Keifer and his colleagues rode the tide of criticism to establish themselves as serious players on the hard rock circuit.

Ironically the band’s best music coincided with a dip in commercial success and this was the last of seven top 50 US singles. The title track of Cinderella’s third LP, Heartbreak Station demonstrates the new found maturity which brought about a new era of credibility and a slump in popularity. 

Although the band are back together after a bried mid 90s hiatus, problems with Keifer’s voice and the other members’ various side projects mean the follow-up to 1994’s Still Cimbing seems some way off.

Without a record label and, lately, without Keifer there has been little progress made rebranding and relaunching one of the best bands to emerge from the MTV era. But there are plans to tour later this year and that new record is mooted for late 2010. Here’s hoping.