It’s back! The occasional feature which sees rushonrock dip into the archives to compare a classic from the past with a big hitter from the present. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Now 2008: Return Of The Pride (Frontiers) is the raging return to form of Mike Tramp’s melodic powerhouses White Lion. One of the most distinctive voices in the business is back in business with a brilliant mix of all-out rockers and classy ballads and it’s little wonder demand for live shows is already in overdrive.

Those of us fortunate to catch the boys at their intimate Cluny show in Newcastle earlier this year – keep it together Stevie B – can testify to the fact that the majority of the material packed into Return Of The Pride ranks alongside the classics from the band’s hair metal heyday.

Dream, Set Me Free and Never Let You Go are emotionally charged diamonds in between rough cuts which showcase the hard edge to Tramp’s cracking pipes. Why it’s taken so long for this killer record to see the light of day is anyone’s guess but now White Lion are back let’s hope they’re here to stay.

rushonrock rated: 9/10 Pride Of Denmark

…And Then 1987: Pride (Atlantic) propelled White Lion into the big league with its mix of ballsy rockers and bittersweet ballads. The mega hit Wait was made for MTV and US rock radio while classic track When The Children Cry revealed a previously hidden depth to Mike Tramp as a seriously talented songwriter.

Neither song is easy to pull off live and yet it is as a gigging vocalist that the band’s charismatic lead singer really brings both tracks to life. Tramp’s OK as a straight metal singer but as a heartfelt balladeer he brings something exceptional to the table.

These days it’s again possible to catch Pride‘s highlights sung from the stage but if you’re not that lucky then seek out this record, dim the lights and enjoy a slice of pure hair metal genius. An essential release for those of us of a certain rock persuasion.

rushonrock rated: 10/10 Lion Roar Into Action