def-leppardWith just five days to go until NWOBHM pioneers turned global superstars Def Leppard close this year’s Download festival we continue our look at one of rock’s premier performers by charting the band’s biggest and best releases.

Feel free to rubbish rushonrock‘s Leppard lists but we reckon we’ve come up with the beginner’s guide to the Steel City heroes and the die-hard’s choice all rolled into one.

Needless to say you’ll be hearing a fair share of these timeless classics come Sunday night but check out the tunes which don’t make the band’s Donington set. Leppard aren’t all about the late 80s hair metal hits but of course we’d be happy if they played Hysteria from start to finish…


1. Hysteria (1987): A sensational seven hit singles were culled from this massive seller and there’s not a dud track on there. Well, apart from Love And Affection…

2. Pyromania (1983): The record which broke Leppard in the US and the album which alienated so many fans back home. But it’s brilliant from start to finish and the remixed Deluxe Edition is out now!

3. On Through The Night (1980): If you like Leppard raw and untouched by the mighty Mutt Lange then this is the record for you. This is why the band were at the forefront of the NWOBHM and tracks like Wasted and Hello America are classics.

4. Songs From The Sparkle Lounge (2008): Proof that while form is temporary, class is permanent as Leppard bounced back to their best with an album part hair metal part modern rock – and even part country. Their highest charting UK record for 12 years and one of last year’s surprise packages.

5. X (2002): This patchy but occasionally awesome release is an obvious route marker on the road to SFTSL. Tracks like Long, Long Way To Go and You’re So Beautiful are classic Leppard but the world wasn’t quite ready to take the band back to their hearts just yet. Hit top 15 in the US and UK and a sign of things to come.

DEFinitive SONGS

1. Bringin’ On The Heartbreak (1981)

2. Animal (1987)

3. Photograph (1983)

4. Wasted (1979)

5. Armageddon It (1987)

6. Two Steps Behind (1993)

7. Foolin’ (1983)

8. Let’s Get Rocked (1992)

9. Too Late For Love (1983)

10. Long, Long Way To Go (2002)

11. Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad (1992)

12. Rocket (1987)

13. When Love And Hate Collide (1995)

14. Nine Lives (2008)

15. Love Bites (1987)

DEFinitive GIGS

1. Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield, 1993

2. Forum, Los Angeles, 1983

3. SECC, Glasgow, 2008