thunder-liveAnnounced as one of Download 2009’s two secret bands, one of the best kept secrets in rock was finally revealed today when Brit rock legends Thunder were confirmed for a Saturday slot on the third stage…behind headliners Anvil!

Now while we think there’s more than a case for Danny, Luke and the gang picking up one of the early main stage slots, maybe those modest London boys don’t want to make too much of a fuss as they count down to this summer’s career-ending headline tour. Or perhaps they don’t quite fit on a bill headlined by Slipknot and featuring Marilyn Manson and Pendulum.

But they certainly deserve better than playing third fiddle to an average North American band no better than Spinal Tap. And it’s a bit of a strange decision by both the promoters and the band to go for an early evening set on the third stage. Then again, Thunder have never stuck to the norm.

But how good is it to see the band back at Castle Donington wherever and whenever they’re playing? Only last month Danny told rushonrock that the band’s debut Monsters Of Rock set in front of 80,000 screaming fans was one of the obvious highlights of a glittering 20-year career.

And if Saturday’s 45-minute set won’t be seen by quite as many rock loving folk it will be typically rip-roaring stuff from some of the best performers in the business.