paparoach1Nu-metal pioneers Papa Roach have been written off more times than Gordon Brown but the revitalised US rockers are back on rock’s radar big time thanks to magnificent return to form Metamorphosis.

Ready to rip Download apart on Sunday, Jacoby Shaddix and his crew release new single Lifeline later this month and we’ve decided to bring you the clip right here in anticipation of a cool as fuck second stage set this weekend.

While the majority of metal fans still remember the ‘Roach for 2000’s major lable debut Infest – and the anthemic lead single Last Resort – the band has ridden a wave of critical disdain to emerge as one of 2009’s must-see acts and restored a reputation battered by the release of 2006’s none event The Paramour Sessions.

Nestling in just behind second stage headliners Trivium at Download 2009, Papa Roach is back and the first single from MetamorphosisHollywood Whore – has reignited interest in a band ranked alongside the likes of Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit at their commercial peak. 

Lifeline is released on June 22 and you can check the clip for the song here: