thinlizzy2Welcome to the backstage area of rushonrock where we horde all those little secrets our heroes don’t always want us to hear and dish them up in a delicious little list we call the Rider.

Each week we’ll be getting up close and personal with some of rock and metal’s biggest names and discovering everything from their favourite destination, choice of wheels and the nickname they were labelled with as kids. First up it’s Thin Lizzy survivor Scott Gorham…

On your iPod: Mastodon, The Answer and a couple of US bands who I love but have since discovered don’t play anymore. How annoying is that?

Small screen pleasure: I’m a huge History Channel buff. I love NCIS and the CSI series although CSI Miami is the least convincing of the lot. The women are so perfect with nail varnish that never chips – you can’t tell me that’s really how a CSI looks after a 12 hour shift…

Making A Meal Of It: I just love my wife’s cooking. I try to get out for a meal from time to time but then the pull of my wife’s food means I tend to stay home.

Drivetime: I’m very un-PC I’m afraid. I drive a Mustang GT 4.6 litre.

Ace Place: The Bahamas but also several places in Norway. I love Scandinavia – the scenery and the people. It’s got the whole package.

Dream Destination: I’m very keen to get down to South America. We’re looking at taking the band down there as soon as we can. It’s high on the agenda.

Nickname Shame: Just Scotty I’m afraid. There were no other Scotts at my school so it was unusual enough to save me from a nickname. Phew!