rancid2It’s been six long old years since US punks Rancid last released a studio album and the jury is very much out on whether what was one of the most exciting acts in the world can still cut it where songwriting is concerned.

Seventh record Let The Dominoes Fall should persuade the doubters they can as 19 cocktails of pure vitriol pour off the mixing desk like angst-ridden kids skipping school for fun.

Rancid clearly have faith in their most recent work with the band releasing daily webisodes documenting what went in to the making of the new album – available between now and the record’s June 1 debut. Go to www.hellcatrecords.com and check out what frontman Tim Armstrong believes is a true return to punk rock form. “The crew is back doing what we do best,” he said. “We approached every element of this record as a team, and the result is my favourite Rancid record to date.”

The full track listing for Let The Dominoes Fall is as follows:

1. East Bay Night 2. This Place 3. Up To No Good 4. Last One To Die 5. Disconnected 6. I Ain’t Worried 7. Damnation 8. New Orleans 9. Civilian Ways 10. The Bravest Kids 11. Skull City 12. L.A. River 13. Lulu 14. Dominoes Fall 15. Liberty and Freedom 16. You Want It, You Got It 17. Locomotive 18. That’s Just The Way It Is Now 19. The Highway

Rancid’s 2003 release Indestructible reached number 15 on the Billboard Top 200. LTDF could yet eclipse its predecessor.