inthismoment1This week it’s all about one woman and one woman only – the delightful Maria Brink. With her band In This Moment releasing a new record tomorrow and Tyneside playing host to the US metal crew on Tuesday it’s all systems go for one of the hottest new acts on the planet. 

We take a look at the music behind the image and give you the lowdown on what could be the rock and metal compilation of the year – Crobar Volume One.

But if that’s not enough then how about introducing some Italian glam metal into your life? If you always had a soft spot for bands like Poison, Ratt, Faster Pussycat and the ilk then you could just learn to love the Romans of Knyght

inthismomentdreamIn This Moment – The Dream (Century Media Records)

The man responsible for producing what could be In This Moment’s breakthrough British release is the brains behind recent releases by none other than Britney Spears and Ozzy Osbourne. And whatever you feel about the pop chick gone bad or the rock god gone crazy, then both demand a polished sound befitting their status as musical royalty.

Chief knob twiddler Kevin Churko brings those high standards to The Dream and then some. Anyone familiar with In This Moment’s earlier work, and in particular the raw vocal style of frontwoman Maria Brink, will be blown away by just how cool, contemporary and cutting edge this bulldozer of a record sounds.

This is heavy metal for the 21st century and if you can imagine Iron Maiden crossed with Nightwish and a pinch of Priest or early Accept you’ll get the flavour of this fantastic statement of intent. Tracks like Forever, All For You and Into The Light hint at ITM’s enormous potential. And us lucky Brits get three bonus tracks! Brilliant.

rushonrock rated: 9/10 Maria’s Moment?

crowbarCrobar – Volume One (USM Media)

This is a little bit different from your usual rock and metal compilation – first and foremost because it’s bloody good. There are the commercial big hitters like Motorhead (No Class), Alice Cooper (Under My Wheels) and Lynryd Skynyrd (Gimme Back My Bullets) and all three bands are billed on the front of the box. But it’s what lies beneath which makes this two-CD package a must.

Culled from the jukebox of London watering hole and celebrity hangout Crobar, a 28-track collection showcases the likes of Exodus, The Answer, ZZ Top, Sacred Reich and Kyuss and throws them together with bands like Down, Witchcraft and Alice In Chains.

It’s brain-melting stuff but it keeps you on your toes. It’s pretty clear why this is Foo Fighter Dave Grohl’s favourite bar in the world and it could be yours too – even if you never, ever set foot in the place. Expect Volumes two and three to follow very soon…

rushonrock rated: 9/10 Worth Cro-ing About

knyghtKnyght – Bet Everything EP (Anko Music)

Italian rock is rolling along quite nicely these days but Knyght aren’t content to stay confined to the rock bars of Rome. This fun-loving five piece have already hot footed it to Munich to cut their first EP with producer Heiko Hinze (Motley Crue, Metal Church) and world domination is their next aim.

Conquering Europe, in the finest traditions of their forefathers, would appear to be a more sensible short term aim although there’s no doubt they could make a decent living in the bars of LA, sounding as they do like the bastasrd sons of Poison, Ratt and Faster Pussycat.

If ambition is Knyght’s buzzword then originality is not. But Hinze’s fine job behind the desk means this glam metal tribute sounds like the rock party soundtrack to 2009. So the faux-US accents tend to grind but tunes like A Million Times and Shut Up are too infectious to ignore. File under ones to watch.

rushonrock rated: 6/10 Good Knyght