itbitesshapedIt Bites – Still Too Young To Remember (It Bites) b/w Vampires (It Bites) 1989

There was a time when pop prog heroes It Bites were on the very cusp of commercial heaven and 20 years ago to this day was about that time.

The Cumbrian crew combined classic melodies with some pretty severe time signatures and may were hailing them as the next Marillion. Listen to this magnificent track ad it’s easy to understand why. A song that didn’t seem out of place on Radio One and yet still cut it with the rock crowd, Still Too Young To Remember is a pop rock anthem par excellence.

The limited edition shaped seven inch version is a collector’s joy and even to this day stands out among the humdrum coloured vinyl and lazy cut outs. B-side Vampires is a cult classic in its own right and its inclusion here simply adds to the feeling that this record is very special indeed.

That It Bites imploded dramatically shortly after this song took them to a new creative level is a travesty in itself. But last year’s new album and return to form suggests the Bite is back.