thunder-liveThunder main man Danny Bowes has revealed he didn’t have to think twice about inviting Newcastle’s Quireboys to open this summer’s farewell show at the City Hall.

And one of blues rock’s best frotnmen told rushonrock that his big mate Spike took less than a second to say yes to a Brit match made in heaven. Two decades ago Thunder and the Quireboys regularly jostled for position on everything from Monsters Of Rock bills to Top Of The Pops shows and the two band have remained friends ever since. “The Quireboys were the obvious choice,” said Bowes. “I just said to Spike here’s the deal and he said let’s do it.”

“He said I’m there, no question. He didn’t even hesitate. In fact Spike’s actual words to me were that he wouldn’t miss it for the world. I hoped he’d say that because we go back a long way and we’ve been friends for some time. But you never know. There might be people who think the Quireboys are getting too big again to support a band like Thunder. If there are then that wasn’t an issue for Spike. He doesn’t really care what other people think.

“He’s not concerned about his image or what people are saying about this and that. He’s doing it with the rest of the guys because we all go back a long way and we wnat to have a great time. Whenever we’re in the West Midlands – where he lives these days – he comes to watch us rain or shine.

“And when the Quireboys play London we’re always there to see him and have a beer or two after the show. I’m so looking forward to the Newcastle show. Me and Spike will be the two old blokes lying in the corner getting pissed after the gig. You’ll know who we are!”

Thunder and the Quireboys play Newcastle City Hall on July 7. Spike and the gang also support Thunder in Nottingham. An EMI 20th anniversary reissue of the Quireboys’ definitive A Bit Of What You Fancy is due for release later this year and a full interview with Danny Bowes will appear on rushonrock soon.