quireboys us tour poster final 600pxIt’s non-stop action on the road with rejuvenated rockers the Quireboys as they crisscross North America on their 30th anniversary tour.

And if you can’t be there then reading guitarist Paul Guerin‘s incredibly entertaining diary is the next best thing.

Look out for more behind-the-scenes anecdotes all month and don’t forget the band return to the UK later this year for more live dates! 


My first impression of Richmond was a good one. It was as clean as a whistle, well kept lawns, beautifully painted colonial houses almost like a movie set but the only thing missing was people – we didn’t see a living soul as we drove through town! Very weird…

Never mind, we pulled up outside The Firehouse – a brilliant looking building as you’d expect from the old firehouse. The outside walls were painted with murals depicting firemen rescuing a woman and her cat from a burning building and pictures of old blues guys who had come through town many blue moons ago.

Inside was as cool as outside with tons of paraphernalia from the old days when it was a working fire station.

The locals were very friendly and made us very welcome. Quite a few people had turned up for soundcheck with their Quireboys’ album collections to be signed so we happily obliged and posed for pictures and then it was back to the hotel for the usual routine.

You never have as much time as you would hope so it was a quick turnaround and then back to the venue. When we got there our friends who we met on the Monsters Of Rock cruise were waiting for us – Gerry , Sandy, Dave, Shane and Chris. It was brilliant to see them – this was Shane and Chris’s third show on the tour but they had to fly out of there first thing in the morning…boo to that.

Gerry, Sandy and Dave presented me with a suitcase full of presents for my wife Trish. She is gonna be blown away when she sees the goodies and there was also a crate of assorted bottles of bourbon for the band and a special one which was customised for mine and Trish’s wedding. What can we say apart from thank-you from the bottom of our hearts. Great people.

The Richmond gig was a special night for a friend of ours, Sue Taylor, her husband Dave, their son Josh (all on holiday in the States) and their friend Jane. Jane had planned in secret to bring her to the gig with Sue thinking she was going out for a special meal and a little disappointed at not being able to make the show! Anyway the plan went like clockwork and the surprise blew her away…happy days.

The opening act was Dilana….who shot to fame on the American TV show Rock Star: Supernova and she also did a stint singing for LA Guns. What a great singer – I hope everything goes well for her.

We had a great show and the place was rammed which always makes an old soldier happy. A few frothy quenchers were sank with our reunited gang then it was back to the hotel for some very welcome ugly sleep with a travel day looming.

We were set to drive to Champaign, Illinois where we hoped to be reunited with our merchandise. UPS made a monumental f#ck up and didn’t deliver our merch in Chicago which has cost us dearly…our friend Michael had kindly offered to pick it up in Chicago and drive it to us in Champaign. Above and beyond the call of duty and again we’re eternally grateful. 



* The Quireboys’ new album Black Eyed Sons is out now!

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