Blazing a trail across Britain and bursting onto the Radio One playlist to boot, US bass rock giants Innnerpartysystem are big news in 2009. And that’s why we grabbed a few words with drummer Jared Piccone in between tours.

With re-released anthem Don’t Stop doing the business it’s about time the world switched on to a band who disregard boundaries and manage to serve up a quite sensational live show. Already booked on this year’s Give It A Name tour, they will be back in the UK soon but for now here’s the SP from JP. rushonrock: Are you still buzzing after the UK tour?

Jared Piccone: The success of that tour was a huge surprise to everybody in the band. Last time we came over we played in front of a couple of hundred people a night and suddenly we’re playing in front of 600 and 800 people. We were amazed. We had no idea we had this kind of support in the UK. We’re all really excited about it.

rushonrock: Do you take British audiences pretty seriously now?

JP: We realise the UK is now a huge deal for us. We first came over in March 20008 and we’ve been building up a fan base ever since. We’ll be back again very soon with the Give It a Name tour and we can’t wait.

rushonrock: What’s next for IPS?

JP: We’re back home where we’re having a couple of days off and then we’re off to Australia for the first time. After GIAN we’re heading to Canada and I suppose we’re going to be out our country for some time.

rushonrock: Is there time to start writing a new album or are the demands to play live too great?

JP: We’re trying to write the new album as we tour. In this day and age with computer technology there’s no reason why we can’t pull things together on the road. It’s tough to stay on top of things when you’re touring because of all the other things going on and all you’re worried about is playing shows. Nut it makes sense to spend some time putting together new music. There are times when everything else falls by the wayside but there are times when you can sit down and work. We don’t want to wake up one morning and think ‘oh shot, we’ve got nothing’ when it comes to writing that next record.

rushonrock: How can you describe the type of music you play to IPS virgins?

JP: I don’t think we have any control over how people perceive this band and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. But I suppose you could say we’re a rock band which writes pop songs. We don’t write songs in the way that dance music is set up and we don’t style it as a pop song.

rushonrock: What do you like about the UK and our music scene?

JP: We’re influenced a lot by the UK music culture. It blows my mind how many things there are to do in Britain and how many different places you can go after dark. In the US a club will play the top 40 dance, rock, rap songs – whatever – but never deviate from a certain genre. In the UK you have guys spinning all sorts of tunes at insanely loud volumes and anything goes. That’s something I like. The public in the UK don’t discriminate against us like some audiences back home set in their ways. People are more open minded.

rushonrock: What’s it like touring the UK in the middle of an Arctic snap?

JP: We were surprised at the chaos a bit of snow caused. We’re from the north east of the US and we’re used to gigging around some pretty cold places. It regularly snows 10 inches in a day and we take shovels to dig ourselves in and out of gigs. In the UK people were calling our manager saying we should cancel shows because of a bit of snow and we were saying no way. I suppose you get to a certain age and realise that snow is nothing but a nuisance. Until you’re 17 or 18 it’s fun, a way of getting out of school or whatever, but when you drive a car and you go to work it’s not that great.