Now Italy and hair metal might not seem like the most natural bedfellows but here at rushonrock we’ve clearly been missing a trick. It seems the nation which gave us pizza and Paulo Maldini has also been hiding a rather special rock asset in the shape of the sensationally named S.E.X. Department.

Their self-titled album has been knocking around for a few months now but it seems Captain Kelly ‘Trash’ Mendess and his crew are ready for fresh assault on the British rock-buying public and so they kindly shoved a copy of the album our way. We’re glad they did.

As you might expect this 10-track lesson in sleazy love songs isn’t going to grab a raft of Grammys anytime soon but it might just put a smile on your face. And if, like us, you used to get your rocks off to a bit of Tigertailz, Warrant, Poison and Ratt back in the day then this could be the Department you’ve been looking for.

So they’re about as fashionable as gas guzzling 4X4s and subtelty is not their strong point but S.E.X. Department do have an exceptional talent for knocking off quick fire pop metal anthems which might have made them millionaires 20 years ago. These days they’re going to be lucky to make a few quid out of a cracking album but at least they’re having fun. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

S.E.X. Department’s self-titled album is out now on Perris Records.