48: Motorhead – Eat The Rich(Kilmister/Burston/Campbell/Taylor) b/w Cradle To The Grave (Kilmister/Burston/Campbell/Taylor) 1987

Like Ace Of Spades, in fact very like Ace Of Spades (three-word chorus, similar riff, Lemmy’s familiar growl etc.) this is Motorhead at their most radio friendly and the title track from the feature film of the same name was one of many metal anthems that made 1987 such a vintage year for rock.

But the lead single from the record Rock N Roll did little to boost sales of the band’s eighth studio album. A mixed bag of music only managed to limp along as far as number 34 on the UK Album Charts to become one of the band’s worst performing long players in this country.

America was a different kettle of fish and thanks in part to this singalong anthem Motorhead relocated to LA in the late 80s on the back of some pretty impressive sales Stateside. A brash and basic cover, featuring an ornate knife and fork over a drooling, bearded rocker, proved an instant hit with canibals everywhere -even if it did scare the odd granny sifting through the singles charts in Woolies.

Easily the most accessible ‘Head tune alongside Ace Of Spades and well worth a couple of quid of any rocker’s cash back in the day.