rowleylemmybaronMotorhead mainman Lemmy and Slayer’s Dave Lombardo are just two of rock’s royalty to have added their significant clout to the soundtrack of new skater movie Extremely Sorry.

Acclaimed producer Baron has brought together some of the biggest names in music to create a compilation of top tunes relating to each of the skaters featured in the latest film from the Flip franchise.

But it is the decision to get down and dirty with Lemmy and Lombardo which will excite metal heads at a time when both men are riding the crest of a creative wave.

The Extremely Sorry soundtrack is released in December but the album is being streamed it its entirety from this week. And fans who click on the following link can get their sticky mits on a free Black Mountain download!

From atmospheric soundscapes to industrial thrashers, the soundtrack covers an expansive spectrum of music and is outstanding from start to finish. The highlights include a classic cover of Ben E. King’s Stand By Me (ft. Lemmy Kilmister & Dave Lombardo), The End Of The Beginning (ft. Black Mountain), Ignition, Burn Out Like Fireflies (ft. ((Sounder))) and Process Of Extinction (ft. Early Man).