49: Magnum – Heartbroke and Busted (Clarkin) b/w Les Morts Dansant (Acoustic version)(Clarkin), Hanging Tree (Clarkin), Cry For You (Clarkin/Shiffron) 1990

This fold-out four-track EP showcased what would prove to be Magnum’s magnificent answer to the hair metal era with all four songs taken from the superb Goodnight LA album. 

The acoustic version of Les Morts Dansant is still capable of inducing spine tingling emotion almost 20 years after its appearance here but it’s the upbeat title song which reminds fans of classic rock that Tony Clarkin remains one of the UK scene’s most underrated tunesmiths.

Of the 24 singles Magnum have released to date this stands out as one of the band’s very best – even though it was the second to be taken from Goodnight LA. With expectations high in the wake of 1988’s mega-selling Wings Of Heaven and its string of singalong anthems, fans and critics alike were waiting for Clarkin and co. to take a fall. Instead they reached new heights in the shape of the brilliant Heartbroke And Busted.