From retro to right now this is the feature which has us harking back to the good old days and paying homage to the present.

Now: 2008 Good To Be Bad (SPV) could well be Whitesnake’s very last record and if it is then David Coverdale could hardly have left a greater legacy.

Chock full of signature riffs, blues-soaked choruses and enough metal to keep the heavy brigade happy, this mix-and-match snapshot of Whitesnake’s 30-year journey satisfies fans of every era.

At rushonrock we worship the late 80s and as such nothing will come close to the band’s iconic 1987 (see below). But in All For Love, Summer Rain and Lay Down Your Love there’s enough of DC’s best years to get us buzzing.

Good To Be Bad could be seen as an overly contrived last stab at glory but it’s so slick, so smooth and so easy on an old rocker’s ear that it’s so much better than that. There is a place for Whitesnake in 2008 and this is the place.

rushonrock rated: 7/10 Great To Be Bad.

…And Then: 1987 1987 (EMI) is the record of an era when big hair and even bigger egos ruled a world where MTV made new stars out of old stagers.

This was the plastic surgery of metal as blues rocker Coverdale was transformed into an extra out of Dynasty and the beer guzzling band mates of yesteryear were replaced by a robotic group of musical athletes. Thankfully the songs were bloody brilliant.

But even some of those top tunes were rough diamonds polished into Cov’s crown jewels with Here I Go Again reborn as a genuine drivetime classic. Bad Boys was testosterone on vinyl and In The Still Of The Night jostled for position with Is This Love for the title of cream of a spine tingling crop.

As far as rushonrock is concerned this outstanding album is every bit as good as Leppard’s Hysteria and that’s saying something. If you don’t have a copy then exactly why are you visting this website?

rushonrock rated: 10/10 White Hot.