The Dead Daisies – Live and Louder (Spitfire Music)

Genre – Hard rock

Recorded at the end of 2016, Live and Louder is a vivid and effective representation of the hell raising live shows of one of the world’s finest super groups, The Dead Daisies.

2016 was an incredible year for the hard working veteran rockers, with a world tour ram packed with dates, along with the release of their critically acclaimed sophomore album, Make Some Noise which earned a 9/10 review from RUSHONROCK.

Live and Louder brings everything together in a clean polished live album, that captures the energy of audiences far and wide, along with the exquisite musicianship of some of the classiest musicians on the planet.

Creating a live album is never an easy task. Do you capture the atmosphere and risk losing the punch of the song, or do you go for crystal clear production with minimal feedback from the audience? Like their first two albums, The Dead Daisies have got it spot on here.

John Corabi’s vocals are as raspy as ever, with a dirty hard rock sounds reminiscent of a man raised on Jack Daniels, while the sound of Doug Aldrich’s screaming riffs sear through waves of distortion, sweat and a cheering crowd. This classic rock sound particularly stands out in Lock N’ Load, a track with so much energy, you feel like you are at the show. Turn it up full, crack open a beer and you won’t seem far off!

When it comes to live, hard rock performances, no show is complete without a rendition of one of the greatest songs ever written. One of the original hard rock tracks, and one that continues to inspire 50 years on – Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Fortunate Son. This track is all about Corabi. Like John Fogerty, his vocals are rough, powerful and commanding, and he knocks this legendary track right out of the park!

Throughout the release, John spends plenty of time talking to the audience, telling them on more than one occasion that The Dead Daisies have a new record out. So, if you happened to have lived under a stone and missed the release, there’s no getting away from it now.

With plenty of crowd favourites on offer from The Dead Daisies, including Long Way To Go, Song and Prayer, Mexico and Midnight Moses, fans are treated to a truly brilliant set, and this album is an absolute must for classic / hard rock fans.

RUSHONROCK RATED – 9/10 Dirty, sleazy hard rock – just what the doctor ordered!