Frank Turner – Positive Songs For Positive People (Xtra Mile Recordings)

Genre: Folk Punk

Following up 2013’s hit and miss Tape Deck Heart, Positive Songs For Negative People comes at Turner fans with a full flourish of Frank at his absolute best.

It’s been a steady incline for Turner since the day he turned his back on the hardcore scene in 2005, picked up an acoustic guitar and embarked on the troubadour lifestyle that sets him apart from the pack.

With five incredibly successful albums behind him, he stayed true to the folk element of his music, staying away from the electric sound. But after 10 years there is now a place for the introduction of the electric axe.

Many wondered if this would change the dynamic of his music due to the unique sound he has achieved but Turner has used this as a chance to display his brilliance with a subtle introduction on tracks such as Mittens and Josephine. This introduction is so subtle that it may pass many by but it undoubtedly adds a new edge to his work.

While Tape Deck Heart delivered some untouchably brilliant tracks, it lacked the consistency of previous albums and didn’t offer itself as a worthy successor to the game changer that was England Keep My Bones, something that Positive Songs… manages to be.

At his best Turner has the ability to mix angry punk with the honesty of country and folk, and tie it together like a pop song with roaring choruses and simple melodies. This is exactly what he’s done here. Tracks like Get Better, Glorious You and The Next Storm give the perfect portrayal of the highly adaptable, angry yet happy approach that this whirlwind has been build on.

This album is Turner’s biggest release to date, with a promotional campaign that has been going on for months. And it’s safe to say it’s worth the hype. Adam Keys

RUSHONROCK RATED: 9.5/10 Electric Choruses