@Newcastle The Cluny, November 18 2016

Forgotten lyrics, big, fat, pale Geordie behinds and chickens on stage. It could be said that Friday night at The Cluny got a little weird, even for a Beans On Toast show!

Despite having already played The Cluny this year, Beans On Toast returned with a new album to promote, for what turned out to be his largest audience in the Ouseburn venue to date.

Joined by the incredibly talented Tensheds and Sky Sheed, the show saw the continuation of rock piano in Beans On Toast shows, a strange concept that brings an added age to Jay’s drunk folk style.

Friday night was only the second show in the 18 date ‘Spanner In The Works’ tour, and it was clear that there was some rustiness there, as he clumsily bundled his way through a number of tracks, openly admitting mistakes with jokes and laughter.

Mistakes like this would be disastrous for 99% of musicians on the planet, but it somehow added to the show, as he looked like a man really enjoying being on stage in a venue he loves so dearly. This energy was reflected in the crowd, who sang and danced and offered plenty of banter back and forth, singing along to new and old tracks, whether they knew the words or not.

With a strong cult following that is made up of an eclectic collection of fans that span a range of genres, Beans On Toast has managed to create a well-balanced crowd of musical fans that are very politically aware and truly receptive of his quick-witted lyrics, and on stage rants about the Royals, Nigel, Boris and President Trump.

Despite all the ramblings, Beans On Toast still managed to get through around 20 tracks on the night, with the biggest response coming from old favourites M.D.M.Amazing, The Price Of Rice and A Whole Lot Of Loving.

While all of these tracks garnered the expected response, it was The Chicken Song, when things took a turn for a peculiar, as a group of students, dressed as chickens joined him onstage to be his chickens as he played the track. With light heart fun on offer, there is always one member of the audience who has to take it a step further, and piss off the artist. On Friday, it was the chance for a girl to get on stage, get her bum out and repeatedly shout in Jay’s ear until he finally kicked everyone off the stage, before drawing the show to a close. Fantastic night all round!