Cassidy Paris — New Sensation (Frontiers)

Calling your debut album New Sensation is a bold move.

It sets the bar dangerously high and attaches a certain level of expectation.

Imagine the critics closing ranks and the cynics starting to circle.

There really is no place to hide.

If you really are rock and roll’s New Sensation then good on ya.

But be prepared to back up the hype with some bullet-proof bangers.

Or be Cassidy Paris.

New Sensation has never been a more apt descriptor.

For close to a decade the 20-year-old singer songwriter has been building towards this defining moment.

As a Grade A student schooled on chorus-driven melodic rock, the key lessons have been learnt.

The memories — and the melodies — banked. The passion bottled. The drive, determination and self-belief woven into an 11-song statement of thrilling intent.

This near flawless 40-minute showcase of rock and roll’s future is an exciting glimpse of what’s to come.

But it’s just as much about the here and now.

New Sensation doesn’t sound like any old debut: it’s slick, assured and impossibly catchy.

Think peak 80s pop rock with an injection of 21st century rocket fuel.

And be reassured that the second coming of Rock N Roll Hall Of Famer Pat Benatar is finally here.

Cassidy Makes A Stand

Back in 2018, a 15-year-old Paris released the remarkably affecting Stand.

A song of self-empowerment quickly struck a chord and its key message remains deeply relevant.

Fast forward five years and it’s testimony to Paris that some of her earliest work sits so comfortably alongside fresher material.

But Cassidy’s really come of age on New Sensation.

Encouraged by mentor and former Danger Danger frontman Paul Laine, the talented Aussie’s potential knows no bounds.

And for every nod to Benatar there are echoes of Vixen, Femme Fatale, Robin Beck and more as Paris drains the well of female-fronted commercial rock.

Latest single Danger captures the mood best of all.

Think Brigade-era Heart meets Halestorm as Paris goes full-on power ballad at the outset of a record that never fails to disappoint.

RNR Hearts leans on a Tyketto-like, Sunset Strip-soaked groove that’s gloriously retro.

And set-closer Midnight Desire’s sweep of keys underpins another melodic rock triumph.

It would be remiss to omit the fact that New Sensation is a family affair.

Cassidy’s dad Steve Janevski (The Radio Sun, Wicked Smile) unleashes a volley of scorching solos from start to finish.

And the Rushonrock-approved axe-slinger is just one of the reasons this record never fails to disappoint.

Calling your debut album New Sensation is a bold move.

But it’s the right move.

Main Image By Adam Kennedy