The Treatment, High Voltage Metal Hammer Stage, July 24 2011

Every festival boasts a hidden gem, an unexpected treat, a welcome blast from the past and an exciting glimpse of the future. 

The Treatment’s set of 80s throwback hard rock and soul was all that and more as the Cambridge quintet slayed a small but incredibly appreciative crowd.

Jostling for top billing alongside Heaven’s Basement, Jettblack, The Crave and Voodoo Johnson as Britain’s best emerging rockers, it’s no surprise their September 5 debut has been snapped up by Spinefarm and this superb set dug deep into the songs set to shape one of the most anticipated records of 2011.

The Doctor and Just Tell Me Why could have been culled from any chart-busting mid-80s rock record, mixing bluesy roots with Sunset Strip attitude and on a sweaty Sunday afternoon both tunes fitted the bill. With the music to support their image and ambition, The Treatment appear sure-fire hits for future success and the only disappointment was the 30-minute limit on their High Voltage show.

Frontman Matt may be a relatively new kid on the Brit rock block but his blend of powerful vocals and charismatic banter is match made in music heaven. Commanding the (albeit tiny) Metal Hammer Stage, his ability to whip complete strangers into a festival frenzy bodes well for the years of touring toil to come and support comes from a bunch of mad-for-it musos loving every second of their life in the limelight.

On this evidence it’s hard to imagine how The Treatment can fail. Already a band for the hear and now, they possess all the tools to stick around for some considerable time. Buy the album, learn the songs and keep your fingers crossed that these guys stop off in your town soon. Searching for a cure to your rock cynicism – look no further than The Treatment.

Simon Rushworth