It’s Call Of The Wild Week as we build up to one of the best new festivals on the summer circuit we’re shining a light on some of the must-see bands. See you down the front again!


Sweet Electric




Sunday May 26



Massive Respect To Herr Marr

German-based singer songwriter Brad Marr doesn’t really do downtime.

And so when the Aussie frontman realised main band Massive were heading towards a natural break he didn’t follow suit.

Far from it.

Marr set about recruiting a bunch of crazy Germans, whipped them into rock and roll shape and unleashed swashbuckling newbies Sweet Electric.

There’s all of the energy, enthusiasm and effortless ability to entertain that’s synonymous with a Massive show.

But Sweet Electric boast an extra ingredient that we still haven’t identified…yet.

Call Of The Wild could be when it all becomes clear. Perhaps.

What We Said

“Livewire Marr’s always been rock and roll’s spark in the dark.

“And this ode to Cologne has the Sweet smell of success.”

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