Heir To The Throne


Sweet Electric

Sweet Electric backstory

Cologne-based, Aussie ex-pat Brad Marr just couldn’t say no.

Especially when a bunch of rabid long-haired locals challenged him to reboot rock and roll.

The gravel-toned singer songwriter has already found fame (he’s still seeking the fortune) fronting throwback classic rockers Massive.

But don’t panic — Brad’s not about to give up the day job just yet.

The workaholic creative’s simply found a complementary vehicle for his full throttle showmanship.

And Sweet Electric does what it says on the tin, delivering a supercharged, six-stringed din.

Marr’s hooked up with Mike, Michi, Jonas and Nico to launch 2022’s hottest new band.

And Heir To The Throne is a right royal rumble rooted in riotous 70s-styled rock.

Sweet Electric flick the switch from past to present and back again.

And this dazzling debut single has the potential to power a new era of party-starting, fist-pumping fun and games.

In frontman Brad Marr’s own words

“I was approached by these crazy, hairy Germans about saving rock n roll.

“We got in a room, had a jam and it was the easiest decision of my life. 

“Challenge accepted. 

“Let’s save rock n roll!”

The verdict on Heir To The Throne

Rock and roll’s alive and kicking.

And so’s the lost art of slapstick videography.

Heir To The Throne is best enjoyed as a totally unhinged audio-visual treat.

A typically manic Marr looks like a senile extra sacked from Last Of The Summer Wine.

And not for the first time he sounds like the bastard child of Bon Scott and Brian Johnson.

Surrounded by Sweet Electric’s ‘medical team’, the main man revels in his role as a stick-yielding, bus-pass waving cynic.

And there’s simply no stopping Melbourne’s answer to Victor Meldrew.

Lyrically on-point, this is a kick in the balls to Gene Simmons and co.

And the screwball video clip’s a chaotic introduction to an endearing quintet.

Throw in a scorching guitar solo (some of the best action takes place during a blazing interlude) and a kickass groove and it’s impossible to fault a fabulous debut.

Livewire Marr’s always been rock and roll’s spark in the dark.

And this ode to Cologne has the Sweet smell of success.

What’s next for Sweet Electric

The band’s debut show takes place on October 2 at the Groove Bar in Cologne. 

The event will be professionally filmed and live streamed to a global audience.

Sweet Electric tour the UK in early 2023.