Rosalie Cunningham – Rosalie Cunningham (Cherry Red Records)

Risen from the ashes of much-missed psych rock oddities Purson, the band’s former frontwoman has announced her long-awaited return in singular style. Drawing on the dramatic soundscapes that underpinned Purson’s more flamboyant moments, Rosalie Cunningham has re-emerged as one of the most essential musicians of a generation.

In this week’s exclusive interview with Rushonrock, the singer songwriter confessed to suffering from serious confidence issues. Preferring to work alone and unsure when – or if – she would be ready to return to the stage, Cunningham kept her counsel and stayed out of the limelight.

And that’s what makes this self-titled album all the more remarkable. Any semblance of self-doubt is blown away just as soon as rousing opener Ride On My Bike makes its presence felt and the in-your-face Fuck Love wastes no time in upping the ante. From there on in it’s classic Cunningham as the captivating vocalist’s unique tones bounce off fuzzed-up riffs and meandering keys.

It’s almost three years since Purson waved a fond farewell to fans convinced their new favourite band was destined for world domination. Read between the lines and it was never meant to be but Cunningham is far from finished. Reborn and re-energised, she casually flits between the classic and the contemporary on a record that’s rich in originality. 

Too long gone, Cunningham’s return should be celebrated and savoured.