The Chats – Get Fucked (Bargain Bin Records)

Not many people would have thought The Chats would become the poster boys for a new generation of punk rock, but after years of pandemic living, you can’t take anything for granted any more.

Building on the global success of their breakout song Smoko, a tune about going on lunch break, the three lads from Brisbane have become a worldwide phenomenon. Selling out shows from Australia to England, the rough and ready lads have recorded a second album. And it’s a banger.

While it’s not necessarily a coming of age, there is some development that hints at further things to come. At times during Get Fucked there’s a certain feel of IDLES about them, especially the way lead singer Eamon Sandwith spits out words like they’ve just pissed in his mouth.

And while the subject matter doesn’t stray too far from what you’d expect (songs about cars, the arsehole ticket inspector and being drunk in every pub in Brisbane) there’s a dusting of real talk. Dead On Site rages against the people who cover up construction site accidents and Panic Attack shows flashes of vulnerability you wouldn’t normally associate with this band. Not a lot, but there’s enough there to think about.

There’s also a few moments of change from the normal, raw, musical attack that this band delivers – and they make you think. There are some real shreds (Dead on Site, Panic Attack) as well as some bass lines deep and rich enough to buy a few Lurpack and still keep the change.

When you go to a Chats gig or listen to an album you know what you’re going to get – a glorious display of free spirit and a raw attitude. Get Fucked hasn’t changed from the method that’s brought them so much success, but it’s changed enough to make you think that the Aussies aren’t just a beautiful flash in the pan.

The Chats Get Fucked album review