Don’t Play Nice



Twister backstory

Staples of the burgeoning NWOCR scene and familiar faces on the UK’s club circuit, North East noiseniks Twister are ready to take their game to the next level.

Formed by charismatic frontman Stevie Stoker, the band dropped bristling debut Cursed And Corrected via Off Yer Rocka in November 2020.

But Twister’s new material, new branding and new video screams of an ambitious outfit targeting the rock and roll big leagues.

Former fanboy turned lead guitarist Jake Grimes has developed into one of the most exciting six string talents in the country seven years after joining Stoker.

And the band’s dynamic rhythm section — drummer Jack Corbett and bass player Ryan Lee — drives a foursome as tight as they’re tenacious.

Don’t Play Nice is the first glimpse of Twister Mk II ahead of a slew of UK headline shows and a packed festival programme.

And the hotly anticipated follow-up to Cursed And Corrected looks like dropping later this year.

In the band’s own words:

Don’t Play Nice is our next step as a band.

“We want each release to take our fans on a journey with us.

“And now it’s out we couldn’t be happier with the response.

“Everyone already knows the words at the live shows and it’s amazing to have that connection with people.

“We love the way the Don’t Play Nice video looks and has been shot! 

“It’s all about getting up close and personal. 

“It’s about capturing that raw, aggressive, live performance energy and vibe in a music video.

“If you’re new to Twister it gives you a great idea of what we’re all about!”

The verdict on Don’t Play Nice

Produced by Grammy nominated Romesh Dodangoda, Don’t Play Nice is the no holds barred sound of a band on a mission.

Twister have always screamed potential but this powerful statement of intent puts their entire back catalogue in the shade.

It’s sharp, shiny, shockingly catchy hard rock.

And if you don’t play Don’t Play Nice right now then you don’t know what you’re missing.

A striking video puts the focus on four classy musicians fast morphing into genuine rock stars.

Fusing punchy riffs with rock star poses, it’s the glorious transformation of Grimes that best represents Twister’s 2022 gregarious glow-up.

And it’s high time the secret weapon in Stoker’s armoury is unleashed.

Twister Don’t Play Nice

But they do play a brazen brand of addictive hard rock that’s hard to beat.

What’s next for Twister

The band’s Easter Sunday single release party at Newcastle’s Riverside is heading towards a sell-out.

But you can catch Twister in London and Edinburgh the following week.

And Stoker and co. look like being one of the must-see turns at next month’s Call Of The Wild festival in Lincoln.