There’s less than a week to go until Call Of The Wild kicks off the summer festival season in style. We’re featuring the must-see bands in the build-up to what promises to be a belting four-dayer.


The Howling Tides


Southall Lawless


Friday May 20



Born To Be Wild

The Howling Tides burst out of the Midlands on a mission to bring retro fuelled hard rock to the masses.

Last year’s successful trek around the festival circuit yielded positive reviews from Steelhouse, Planet Rockstock, Bloodstock and more.

And The Howling Tides have just returned from another triumphant trip — bringing the party to Ibiza for Hard Rock Hell.

Shows with Ricky Warwick and The Fighting Hearts earlier this year only served to cement the quartet’s burgeoning reputation.

And fans can expect next level attitude and focus from one of Call Of The Wild’s hottest signings.

Heard about the New Wave Of Classic Rock?

The Howling Tides have set their sights on becoming scene leaders.

What We Said

“The Howling Tides are full of surprises.

“And if Thalia leans on the band’s core heavy blues sound then there’s more to this titanic anthem than a compelling Rival Sons/Clutch mash-up.

“The mid-song breakdown turns up the funk with a groove-laden bass line leading the charge.

“It’s like Living Colour at their genre-bending best.

“But that’s not the extent of The Howling Tides’ bold ambition.

“When guitarist Hayden Kirk explodes into Thalia’s soaring solo it’s like Nuno Bettencourt has stepped out of the shadows.

“It’s extreme talent — amplified.”

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