The Howling Tides

The Howling Tides’ backstory

A decade down the line and this feels like the end of the beginning for one of British rock’s best kept secrets.

Midlands trailblazers The Howling Tides might be one of the newer names on the NWOCR circuit.

But as Anonymous, the committed quartet amassed a shed load of experience before making the brave decision to change their name and double down on ambition.

Thalia is proof positive that a new era is supported by some seriously mature music.

And standout sets at this summer’s Steelhouse and Bloodstock festivals confirmed The Howling Tides as ones to watch.

Rob Baynes (lead vocals/guitar), Hayden Kirk (guitar/backing vocals), Adam Brewell (bass/backing vocals) and Steven ‘Herbie’ Herbert (drums) have put in the hard yards.

And now it’s time for The Howling Tides to flood the senses with their tsunami of blues-based modern rock.

Thalia is just the start.

In The Howling Tides’ own words:

Thalia is about being in a situation with someone who’s just playing your emotions — almost at will.

“It’s a kind of poisoned dynamic where you’re almost powerless to stop yourself from being manipulated again and again.

“We wanted a video that captured the inherent darkness behind the narrative of the song, expressed through visceral energy and pure aggression.

“There’s a danger to the feel that matches the vibe of the song perfectly.”

The verdict on Thalia

The Howling Tides are full of surprises.

And if Thalia leans on the band’s core heavy blues sound then there’s more to this titanic anthem than a compelling Rival Sons/Clutch mash-up.

The mid-song breakdown turns up the funk with a groove-laden bass line leading the charge.

It’s like Living Colour at their genre-bending best.

But that’s not the extent of The Howling Tides’ bold ambition.

When guitarist Hayden Kirk explodes into Thalia’s soaring solo it’s like Nuno Bettencourt has stepped out of the shadows.

It’s extreme talent — amplified.

The Howling Tides are no new kids on the block and it’s clear that their songwriting craft has been carefully honed.

Pairing Thalia’s controlled bombast with a darkly affecting video is a timely masterstroke.

And if this is a glimpse of the future then prepare to be blown away by what comes next.

What’s next for The Howling Tides

Expect more new music in the coming weeks and months as the band delivers on its pledge to deliver authentic rock without compromise.

The Howling Tides will join Ricky Warwick and the Fighting Hearts on tour across the UK in 2022.

But check out the band’s socials for new dates before the end of the year.