Cult psych rockers The Psychedelic Breakfast are back after a 15-year hiatus! Rushonrock editor Simon Rushworth chewed the (bacon) fat with drummer and co-founder David ‘Greenie’ Green.

Rushonrock: So what’s The Psychedelic Breakfast backstory?

Greenie: We all met in 1999 through the Newcastle music scene. None of us knew each other before – we just stumbled across each other. We were all between 16 and 19 and we just created our own little scene. I suppose we were looking for our ‘own’ people and hadn’t found them until then. We all felt like outsiders and then, once we met, we felt like we belonged. At that point we formed the band. We started going to [Newcastle nightclub] Rockshots and all the guys in there were about 10 years our senior. We were just these little hippies and some of us were too young to be in the club but it felt like that’s where we were always meant to be. We just came from nowhere I suppose.

Rushonrock: Rumour has it you were a big hit with your neighbours?

Greenie: We moved into a seven-bedroom flat together and turned the top floor into a rehearsal room. We had a few visits from environmental noise but once they saw the set-up they gave us the green light! We were so young and naïve but I don’t think we realised it at the time. For several years we lived together and rehearsed together. We’d rehearse every day. The band was our life and our job and we started to release a few singles before Too Far North noticed us and started to promote us. We did an album with them called and continued to release stuff independently.

Rushonrock: Were you ever psych rock’s next big thing?

Greenie: We played all over the country but never got that ‘big break’. Years later we found out that Polydor were choosing between us and Leeds band The Music. Apparently, it was a close-run thing but we weren’t aware of it at the time.

Rushonrock: You’ve gone on to play drums all over the world but how important were those formative years?

Greenie: Living together, working together and being in a band together was like our YTS course. We learnt all the chops and rehearsed every day when we weren’t gigging. We had the commitment, the passion, the lot. Our flat became the epicentre of a scene that was spawning all kinds of exciting music. It became like a headquarters for musicians who, like us, just felt like the odd ones out.

Rushonrock: So why is The Psychedelic Breakfast suddenly back on the menu?

Greenie: Nick [Grimes], our singer, put the old songs on Apple Music and Spotify and that brought us back together. We’ve always been mates and always kept in touch but hearing all of those old songs again opened up a Pandora’s Box. We hadn’t even heard some of those songs for almost 20 years! That started the conversation that ultimately led to talk of a comeback gig at the Anarchy Brewery in Newcastle. Now we’re even going to be selling our own beer on the night! It’s just gone crazy. The excitement we felt, and the excitement it generated beyond the band, meant we couldn’t refuse when we were asked to play a comeback show.

Rushonrock: So is the old vibe still strong?

Greenie: We got in a room together a few weeks ago and most of the muscle memory was still there from 20 years ago. Having said that I’d like to have a drum lesson with my 21-year-old self as I just can’t work out how I did all of the stuff back then! We could never really listen to our songs from an independent perspective at the time but looking back they were really good songs and it’s been a real nostalgia trip relearning the back catalogue and talking time to appreciate what we did back then. It’s going to be a real journey through the band’s nine-year career with some new music and even some special guests on the night. Oh, and The Psychedelic Breakfast beer. Don’t forget that!

Limited tickets for The Psychedelic Breakfast at Anarchy Brewery Co on Saturday October 16 are still available for £10 from Eventbrite. 

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Images by David Wala and Jill O’Donnell