Underdark backstory

Emerging from Nottingham in 2015, Underdark have quickly become of the UK’s most exciting black metal prospects, along with the likes of Antre, Hidden Mothers and Ante-Inferno.

The quintet have been building momentum since their debut EP, Mourning Cloak, dropped in 2016, and last year released a startling cover of The Cure’s Plainsong with new vocalist Abi Vasquez.

Coyotes is taken from Underdark’s forthcoming first album, Our Bodies Burned Bright on Re-Entry, a five-track opus which will take aim at exploitation and inhumane border policies.

The verdict on Coyotes

If Coyotes is anything to go by, Our Bodies Burned Bright on Re-Entry will be a UK black metal landmark.  

The song balances glistening, post-rock soundscapes with black metal fury… and challenges listeners across nearly seven minutes of sonic evolution.

It’s a passionate, complex piece, where Underdark build layers of tension until the track explodes in dramatic fashion and riffs cascade over raging blastbeats.

The band are certainly demonstrating their vision and ambition with Coyotes.

And they should be applauded for it.

In Underdark’s own words

“The album is ready,” says Vasquez. “You thought we were dead. At times, we thought we might be too, but we’re here, we’re (mostly) alive, and this is Coyotes.

“It’s one of the first songs I wrote in Underdark and it’s about the ongoing humanitarian crisis at the Mexico/US border.

“Hope you’re as stoked on it as we are.”

What’s next for Underdark?

The band’s debut album, which was recorded and mixed with Misha Herring at Holy Mountain Studio, is set for a July 30 release via Surviving Sounds (UK), Through Love Records (EU) and Tridroid Records (US/Canada).

And Underdark have also announced a string of UK dates for this year.

The band will hit The Angel Nottingham on July 23 with Conan, Bismuth and Moloch, and return to their home city on August 28 for a show at The Chameleon with Ante-Inferno, Ninkharsag and Antre.

They will also play the 229 in London on July 24 with Earth Moves and Hidden Mothers, and are due to appear at Epic Fest at the capital’s Black Heart venue on September 25, where they’ll be sharing a bill with Bismuth, Agnosy and Torpor.

Underdark are also hitting Goth City Festival in Leeds on October 9.