You Hear Georgia


Blackberry Smoke

Blackberry Smoke backstory

It’s 20 years since Southern rockers Blackberry Smoke played their first gig but it’s only during the last decade that the band has begun to reach its full potential.

Their rootsy, authentic blend of rock, Americana and outlaw country proved a slow-burner back home.

But when album number three, The Whippoorwill, dropped inside the top 40 of the Billboard 200 in 2012 it was all systems go for the ‘Smoke.

Fans across the UK and Europe jumped on the re-release of that remarkable record and Blackberry Smoke’s global fan base has surged.

2018’s Find A Light debuted at number 12 on the UK album charts and a flurry of releases have kept the pot boiling.

Homecoming: Live In Atlanta, The Southern Ground Sessions EP and Live From Capricorn Sound Studios EP showcase Blackberry Smoke at their affecting best.

And hopes are high that new long player You Hear Georgia, produced by Dave Cobb and released in May, will carry Charlie Starr and co. to the next level.

In frontman Charlie Starr’s own words:

“Lyrically, the song is about the South being misunderstood.

“It’s obviously a rough and tumble world and there’s a lot of bad people but there’s a lot of good people too. 

“It started with the idea of how people might have a pre-conceived opinion of you because of a thick Southern accent.

“It expanded into the reality of how some people just seem to have such a hard time getting along.

“That might be down to political or religious views or simply due to what part of the country you come from.”

The verdict on You Hear Georgia

Soak up that super cool Southern groove and dream of lazy, hazy lockdown-free summer days.

You Hear Georgia is the heartfelt, humdinger of a Blackberry Smoke tune everyone needs right now.

The title track of the band’s seventh long player doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel.

But it keeps the Blackberry Smoke machine turning with reassuring efficiency.

Paired with a fantastic behind-the-scenes video of the band at work with producer Dave Cobb, it’s great to see the Rushonrock faves back doing what they do best.

Charlie Starr’s dreamy vocals and some deliciously on-point slide guitar underpin a timely plea for unity and understanding.

You Hear Georgia? More like You Hear World? This is Blackberry Smoke delivering a serious statement of intent.

What’s next for Blackberry Smoke?

You Hear Georgia is released on May 28 via 3 Legged Records/Thirty Tigers.

Fans can also pre-order the album here, with a red/yellow marbled limited edition coloured vinyl exclusively available at UK indie stores, as well as bundles and a red edition at the European D2C Store.