AC/DC – Power Up (Sony)

Lockdown. And Power Up.

Earlier this week all the talk surrounded a Covid-19 vaccine.

Well the antidote to a global pandemic is here already.

Never before has the world needed a new AC/DC record like it does right now.

It’s more a shot in the arm than a Shot In The Dark.

And it’s here to banish those social distancing blues.

Power Up Perfectly Timed

Power Up is the perfect soundtrack to self-isolation.

It’s like a sonic kick in the balls to bumbling Boris and co.

And the best thing we’ve heard since a Joe Biden victory speech.

It’s time to lockdown and rock out.

Power Up and power on.

This is AC/DC at their raucous and relevant best.

And it’s the sound of one of rock and roll’s true treasures cranking it up and keeping it real.

Brian Johnson Back To AC/DC Best

Frontman Brian Johnson revealed there was ‘real electricity’ when the band got back together to record Power Up.

He put it down to the presence of the late Malcolm Young.

Johnno even admitted his former pal was ‘everywhere, just all over the place’.

Well the same can’t be said about Power Up.

Typically tight and familiarly focused, it’s AC/DC at their efficient best.

Razor sharp riffs and über catchy choruses are the order of the day.

And it’s impossible to imagine a better-timed treat in terms of pure escapism. 

Realize The Power

Opener Realize — single number two from Power Up — is a peach of a track.

Johnson uses the opportunity to prove his hearing problems are a thing of the past.

And the reborn singer hits every note as hard as Phil Rudd pounds his kit.

Rejection is a revelation.

There’s a little more melody than you might expect from an AC/DC standard.

But the ‘woo-hoos’ never sound out of place or out of step.

Rejection might be one track. But it’s the sound of a band back on track.

And it’s a reminder that AC/DC were too long gone.

AC/DC Power Up World Tour?

Whether the global pandemic has already put paid to a Power Up world tour remains to be seen.

Then again Johnson and co. are in the age bracket tipped to be vaccinated first.

And don’t bet against rock’s great survivors hitting the stadium circuit first and fastest.

Just imagine Johnson and Angus Young stepping through a fog of dry ice to the festival-ready Through The Mists Of Time.

Or two giant inflatable boots taking aim at AC/DC’s veteran duo as another memorable live show kicks off with Kick You When You’re Down.

And then there’s the ZZ Top-inspired groove of Demon Fire

The set designers could have a field day trying to eclipse Gene Simmons at his flamboyant best.

As usual AC/DC have crafted a studio album with a world tour in mind.

And fingers crossed at least some of the best songs here are finally debuted live.

Is Power Up The New Back In Black?

Perhaps it’s a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Or maybe it’s the strange times in which we’re living.

But Power Up feels and sounds like the best Acca Dacca album in decades.

Johnson has described it as a tribute to Malcolm Young.

Much in the same way as Back In Black payed homage to Bon Scott.

And while it would be ridiculous to suggest parity between the two, if this record does bookend the Johnson era then it’s job done for the genial Geordie.

Settle down. Power up. Rock hard.