Larkin Poe – Self Made Man (Tricki-Woo Records)

There are various layers to the music of Rebecca and Megan Lovell.

And five albums in, those layers have been woven seamlessly into the fabric of Self Made Man.

This is countryfied, blues-soaked Americana at its compelling best.

And the Lovell sisters wear it oh so well.

Pockets of the past are stitched together with glimpses of the future.

They’ve ironed out the creases and yet the raw emotion remains frayed.

Eleven sub four-minute statements of intent are the thrift store equivalent of a 2020 album.

But Rebecca and Megan are a slick and streamlined outfit.

Musically speaking, Self Made Man is hardly on trend.

Then again, Larkin Poe have never been lame followers of entertainment fashion.

And this talented duo has tailored something unique. Something built to last.

The irony coursing through opener She’s A Self Made Man could be an anthem for the #MeToo generation.

Back Down South – featuring The Shakedown’s Tyler Bryant – is a reassuring reminder of what lies at the heart of Larkin Poe.

And the psych-tinged Scorpion wouldn’t sound out of place on the new Blues Pills album (delayed but not forgotten).

Wrapping up with the hoe-down optimism of Easy Street, Rebecca and Megan sign off on an upbeat note.

But don’t be fooled. 

Self Made Man is cloaked in caution: Keep Diggin’ and Danger Angel sound sobering warnings.

It’s a record that wears its heart on its sleeve: Tears Of Blue To Gold is a glittering example.

And it’s an album that’s as steely as it is stylish.

Love your layers? You’ll love Larkin Poe.