Kiss The Gun – We See You (KTG)

In an age when live music has ground to shuddering halt, We See You will resonate with a generation of frustrated gig goers.

It’s a title out of time given an era of social distancing and venue closures.

But it provides a sense of connection between an isolated band and its disparate fans.

Videos and social media aside, nobody has seen Kiss The Gun in quite some time.

But at least we can hear the band.

And hear how powerhouse frontwoman Abigail Austin has slotted into place as one of the rising stars of the UK’s symphonic metal scene.

It’s not as if the Kiss The Gun had run out of gas following Nadin Zaqaryan’s departure.

But AA has rescued a band in need of new direction.

Her vocals aren’t perfect – far from it.

But then neither is a patchy production.

We See You was wrapped up in just eight days. And at times it’s obvious.

But where Kiss The Gun’s supremely talented musicians would benefit from some extra time and production expertise there’s no denying this album’s instant appeal.

Austin gives everything as she launches into lung-busting renditions of Flight Of The Phoenix and What We’ve Become.

What Kiss The Gun have become since 2017’s debut album Nightmares is a band worthy of far wider acclaim.

Gerry Hearn’s lead guitar work is a revelation.

The experienced six stringer boasts a CV the envy of many peers.

But listen to We See You and it’s little wonder he’s shared a stage with everyone from Uriah Heep to Jesse J.

Of course it’s easy to reference Nightwish and Within Temptation when seeking to nail down Kiss The Gun’s intoxicating sound.

This is Austin’s pitch for a place at symphonic metal’s top table and if it’s not quite mission accomplished then she’s not far off.

But listen carefully and We See You echoes classic Magnum, NWOBHM’s steely underbelly and FM’s melodic nous.

A band boasting decades of collective experience manages to mould a lifetime of influences into a brooding set of classy hard rock.

Wrapping things up with the wonderful Almost Undone is a wise move.

But it’s far from the truth where Kiss The Gun is concerned.

In reality, Austin and co. are almost there.