Scar Weaver


Once Human

Once Human backstory

Formed in 2014, Once Human have steadily established themselves as one of the most distinctive metal bands of the modern era. 

Founded by guitarist Logan Mader (ex-Machine Head) and vocalist Lauren Hart, the LA-based quintet have pushed the boundaries of affecting melodeath.

2015 debut The Life I Remember catapulted Once Human into the metal stratosphere before follow-up Evolution underpinned the band’s striking potential.

Mader’s visceral vocal style leaves no stone unturned and new album Scar Weaver doubles down on a blistering approach to innovative and uncompromising performance.

Once Human’s line-up is completed by long-time bassist Damien Rainaud, drummer Dillon Trollope and second guitarist Max Karon.

In guitarist Logan Mader’s own words

“It was not an easy path to reach this point, I’ll tell you that.

“The original masterplan for the band was really passion-project driven. The first two albums, we were still finding our way. 

“Where we’re at now is with a really strong posture and by far the best album we’ve done.

“Over the years we’ve done a lot of groundwork and some smaller tours, just grinding things out, sometimes even in a DIY fashion. 

“But now we have legit team around us, the band is firing on all cylinders and everything seems to be lining up this time.”

The verdict on Scar Weaver

The title track from Once Human’s relentless new album unleashes a fearsome new side to a band in the ascendancy.

Hart’s distinctive pipes pepper Scar Weaver with aggression and empathy in equal measure.

And Mader’s biting fretwork — in tandem with riffmeister general Karon — makes for an intoxicating blend of uncompromising metal.

Scar Weaver cuts across genres without ever forgetting Once Human’s incendiary roots.

This is a band as brutal as it is bold and their new single is crushingly confident.

Hart has it all as a frontwoman with a striking presence and stunning power.

Scar Weaver is an open wound of seeping metal mayhem at a time when heavy music’s reaching out for fearless new standard bearers.

What’s next for Once Human

New album Scar Weaver is out now via earMUSIC.

The band is readying live dates throughout 2022 with Hart adding: “We just want to be on the road together. 

“We’d really just do it in a van if we had to, you know? Really, we just want to play for people. It’s been too long!”