New Fearless Records signing Kill The Lights ‘pay their respects to metal royalty’ on a blood and guts cover of the Testament classic Into The Pit.

The fast-rising quartet looks set to drop its debut album later this year.

But for now fans can feast their eyes on the full-throttle video of Into The Pit and witness Kill The Lights at their bludgeoning best.

“There were a ton of cover song options we could have gone with and we did consider covering a pop song in our style,” said drummer Moose Thomas. 

“But we decided to cover Into The Pit by the mighty Testament purely because it’s a classic song that’s fun to play. 

“We wanted to stay true to the original as closely as possible, to pay our respects to metal royalty.”

“It’s a great song by an amazing band.”

It’s 32 years since Chuck Billy and co. unleashed the seismic Into The Pit.

And the Bay Area legends shook up the thrash metal scene in the process.

Into The Pit is a classic anthem that still whips the masses into a frenzy as a staple of Testament’s 21st century setlist.

To capture the essence and aesthetic of the time period that the original was released, Kill The Lights crafted a video that has an authentic VHS vibe.

“It’s a great song by an amazing band,” added Bullet For My Valentine alumnus Thomas.