Featuring trademark vocal harmonies, fast-rising country stars Runaway June have reworked latest single We Were Rich to showcase the talents of new member Natalie Stovall.

The trio was reduced to a duo in May when co-founder Hannah Mulholland announced she was quitting the Nashville-based band.

But singer, fiddle player and guitarist Stovall stepped in – prompting a hazy summer reboot of We Were Rich.

Signed to Wheelhouse Records – an imprint of BMG/BBR Music Group – Runaway June have always traded on an obvious musical connection.

And Stovall’s addition maintains the stunning three-part harmonies upon which the band has built its reputation.

As strong women who are not afraid to take risks in achieving their goals, empowerment is a recurring theme for Runaway June.

But they’re not all about female empowerment.

“We want to be inclusive,” said co-founder Naomi Cooke. “We want to sing to everybody, so we steer away from being super negative to either gender.”

We Were Rich is available to stream and download here