Ryders Creed – Lost Souls (Off Yer Rocka)

Lost Souls sounds like a lost classic.

Steeped in rock and roll tradition, it’s unashamedly bold.

And it’s a record that proves Ryders Creed continue to lean on a songwriting craft way beyond their years.

Incredibly, this is only album number two from the assured Midlanders.

It’s rich in well-founded ambition.

Soaked in expansive melodies.

And a significant leap forward from the Creed’s self-titled debut.

Off Yer Rocka remains committed to developing fresh talent.

But how long they’ll be able to hang on to these strutting young bucks remains to be seen.

Lost Souls is the sound of a band going places – lockdown or no lockdown.

Opener Memories, with its pseudo-choral breakdown, is a beautiful concept and benefits from killer delivery.

The album’s soaring title track juxtaposes a haunting vocal with red hot riffs.

And the introspective instrumental that is New Beginnings wouldn’t sound of place on a Joe Satriani record.

Then there’s the progressive Believer: six minutes-plus of emotive escapism that proves just how far this foursome has come.

Perfectly positioned to lead the NWOCR charge, Ryders Creed are riding the crest of a wave.

Right now, Ryan Antony and co. can do no wrong.

And Lost Souls is a revealing voyage of discovery that’s as rewarding as it is remarkable.