Blues Pills are back with an anthem about being your own worst enemy and running from inner demons.

In typically twisted doom-laden fashion Elin Larsson and the gang have channelled their 70s influences on the down and dirty Low Road.

And the lead single from this summer’s Holy Moly! album reveals the super Swedes are at the top of their game.

“We wrote Low Road about being your own worst enemy,” explained the band.

“It’s about running from your own demons only to realise that you can’t, because the problem is inside of yourself. 

Low Road is maybe one of the heaviest songs we’ve ever written, filled with the brutality of the human mind that can be both vicious and lost. 

“Everybody has probably found themselves fumbling in the dark at some point in life. 

“And with Low Road there is no way out. 

“We love playing this song live because it’s just raw, balls to the wall rock power. 

“Hopefully this can be a relief for a moment in this wicked world.”

The video for Low Road sets out to feature Blues Pills in a retro-fuelled 70s pop show replete with fashion to match.

And the band added: “With the video we just wanted to express ourselves live and add some humour to this raw tune.

“So we put ourselves in a twisted surreal TV show. 

“In some way it’s an honour to some of our heroes from the 60s-70s era of rock’n’roll.

“It’s where we got the inspiration from. 

“We thought of The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, MC5 and The Rolling Stones to mention a few.

“These are the ones who did something to break down the barriers. 

“Imagine, to be the ones taking the first steps opening up the world to heavier rock music. “We love them for that.”

Holy Moly! is released on June 19 via Nuclear Blast and pre-orders are available here.