Norwegian punks LÜT have released the music video to their single Mersmak – their first track in two years.

With flavours of other Scandy rockers Blood Command, Kvelertak and Turbonegro, the song is following in fine company and looks set to pave the way for a good 2020 for the band.

After putting out debut LP Pandion in 2017, LÜT have gone to ground and found out that the difficult second album syndrome was far more fact than fiction.

“We went through highs and lows writing this album, “explained vocalist Markus Danjord, “and it was definitely a learning process which made the band stronger as a whole.”

Despite those struggles, LÜT feel like they cracked the code in the end and are delighted with what they managed to put together. And if lead single Mersmak is just a taste of things to come, then they will be proven right.

There is also a sense of relief in getting the thing done after two years in the making, added Danjord: “Making this album has been a type of contemplation. We’re excited to have finished the ‘difficult second album’ and couldn’t have hoped for a better result. It’s great to finally be able to show the world what we’ve been working on.”

The band have come up with a novel way of warming the public up before they drop their next LP in September: they will release one single every month before finally going live with the full body of work.

From February to June they will be drip feeding new music into their fans’ ears and then will hit the internet with the final flurry of work.

This is also the first time we get to hear Mads Ystmark in action, who replaced Hans Marius Mikkelsen and Viljar Ratama Dunderovic in the band.