The metalcore titans will put the record out on April 3rd via Music For Nations/Sony and have already put out a teaser with their brand new single of the same name.

After the success of Black Flame, this is set to be another notch in Bury Tomorrow’s belt. Cannibal  will delve into some of the darker moments of vocalist Dani Winter Bates’s life.

“This album is for me as well as for the fans,” he says. “It was a cathartic process to address some of the darkest moments I’ve had in my life. For some people it’ll be a hard listen.

“But I thought I have to do this, if I’m going to go in, I’m going to go in. I’m not doing something half arsed. There is nothing lyrically I would change on this entire album.”

Winter Bates wants Cannibal to be an album that makes talking about mental health as normal as talking about physical health. And because of that, he ditched flowerly language and metaphor and dived straight in.

He continued: “I wanted to live by my words. I talk to people about normalising mental health, so how can I write an album where I’m not talking about mental health?

“The normalisation of mental health is what saves lives. I want people to see the light in the dark. If they delve into that they can find solace in the discussion, the normalisation, the positive action by discussing this.”

Work on this record started straight after Black Flame deluxe version was released in 2019, and 14 years after the band started it doesn’t look like Bury Tomorrow are in danger of slowing down. They’re already one of the best live bands out there, they’re changing perceptions and they’re set to reach more hearts and minds before the year is out.