A chainsaw, a cleaver and a fire extinguisher walked into a crowded gig.

New Zealand natives Devilskin have now been going for 10 years and this night in their homeland’s capital was a celebration of that, but it could have been a celebration of the band regardless of the length of time they’ve been going for.

In Jenny Skulander they have a stunning vocalist who displayed the full length of her range in apocalyptic fashion while being backed to the hilt by drummer Nic Martin, lead guitarist Tony Vincent and bassist Paul Martin.

Devilskin are a band who need to play a live show with good sound and all credit has to go to their team who made sure their gig went off perfectly – and without a hitch. Skulander and the boys performed it all without any backing tracks, just as this music was supposed to be heard. Live and loud.

A chainsaw, a cleaver and a fire extinguisher walked into a crowded gig.

The Hamilton four-piece have semi-recently released a new album but this show was all about their 2014 effort We Rise, which makes the best use of Skulander’s triumphant vocal range and injects instant energy into the room.

10 years on the circuit have given Devilskin a certain understanding of how to work the crowd and suggestions that the New Plymouth crowd was better than the Wellington locals was met with a rowdy show of displeasure and a surge in noise.

A chainsaw walked into a crowded gig as petrol smoke and fumes trialled over waiting heads and Devilskin burst into their opening song Elvis Presley Circle Pit.

A cleaver, made of plastic but with bitter implication, was waved around Skulander’s head as she growled and prowled and howled through the hair-raising Violation.

A fire extinguisher was let off directly into the air as the band launched head first into third song.

Despite a mosh pit that went wrong – resulting in a few punters being ejected – half way through a spellbinding drum solo from Martin it never let up from there.