Torche – Admission (Relapse Records)

In an alternate universe, Torche would be headlining Glastonbury and millions would be bathing in the quartet’s life-affirming sonic glow, while a jealous Noel Gallagher trolled them on Twitter. Back to reality and we’re still lucky to have a band who can infuse über-heavy alt rock with glorious pop melodies in the way only these Floridians can.

Admission is another vibrant chapter in this act’s 15-year story, another example of their deft approach to song writing, another demonstration of why they can appeal to gnarly doomheads, hip indie kids and the post-rock intelligentsia alike. Like Clutch, they can play with just about anyone.

The sumptuously layered, almost hypnotic Times Missing is sheer bliss, a song which seems infinitely longer than its five or so minutes, the title track is built around a Cure-like hook which burrows deep, On The Wire is a skulking, heavyweight behemoth of a tune, its initial menace tempered by Steve Brooks’ light touch vocals and Changes Come could be one of this band’s finest ever songs, boasting an emotional heft which is at times, absolutely jaw dropping.

If you felt that 2015’s Restarter was a little hit and miss, perhaps a touch obvious even, by the Miami-born act’s standards, this album will be a welcome tonic.

In fact, the impact of Admission is more akin to that of Torche’s magnificent breakthrough, 2008’s Meanderthal, a rightly revered record. Like that opus, after one playthrough you’ll feel like you’ve just struck gold – and want to keep it all for yourself.