Witchsorrow – No Light, Only Fire (Candlelight) Genre: Doom Metal British doom appears to be in a healthy state, with no shortage of bands putting their own spin on the genre and heading off to conquer foreign shores.

And of the new breed, Hampshire’s Witchsorrow are one of the most traditional acts worshipping at the Iommian altar, their trill-laced gloomscapes unashamedly drawing on the likes of Saint Vitus and Trouble for inspiration, as well as nodding to English legends Electric Wizard and Cathedral (especially on the groovy stomp of The Martyr). But enough of the comparisons – this trio have progressed into something formidable, if album number three is anything to go by. No Light, Only Fire sees Witchsorrow nail their sound and frontman Necroskull deliver a much improved vocal performance. Ok, so he’s no Wino, but on To The Gallows and Made Of The Void his singing is powerful and passionate, and fits his band’s music perfectly. The rich production, courtesy of man-of-the-moment Chris Fielding, does this opus no harm either. What’s more, the three-piece have crafted a horns-in-the-air heavy metal barnstormer in the title track… a clue to where they could go if they follow Grand Magus’s lead. Ok, No Light, Only Fire drags here and there (it’s a doom album, what do you expect?), however it should still mark Witchsorrow’s arrival on the global doom stage. Fire it up! RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Ignition